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    Teem/ verb Be full of, filled with, be alive with, Brimming with


  • Welcome To Teem Fitness

    Fun Fitness For ALL !

    Instructors- Benita, Linda, April & Judy

    Our Mission Statement : Nothing's more important than good health. We will always provide a place you can workout and feel comfortable whether you are just starting group fitness classes or you are looking for more. The element of fun is always part of the classs! We provide an atmosphere which is friendly and welcoming making it easy to step into a new class and get started!
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  • Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate!


    Teem Fitness Locations

    Teem Fitness at St. Francis Church (Downstairs Dance Studio)

    1752 Harton Ave., E. Meadow, NY 11554

    Teem Fitness at NY Dancer's Studio

    388 Merrick Ave., E. Meadow, Ny 11554 (Entrance & Parking in Rear)

    Teem Fitness at Dream Catcher Entertainment/Party Peeps

    212 E. Meadow Ave., East Meadow, Ny 11554

    Teem Fitness at Celebrations (next to the Bellmore Playhouse)

    529 Bedford Ave., Bellore, NY 11710

    Teem Fitness at Momo's Playhouse, 140 Eileen Way, Suite 200, Syosset, NY


    Tel: 1 857 209 8622

    1 857 20 ZUMBA